10 Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager

Get Equipment and Materials

"They want you to cook the dinner; at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries," legendary NFL coach Bill Parcells once famously said of his desire to be involved in choosing the players for his teams. For construction project managers, the sentiment also holds true when it comes to selecting the tools and equipment used to complete the job.

The people the PM oversees are worthless without the proper tools. The PM must obtain the equipment and supplies -- from nails to bulldozers -- necessary to complete the project, not to mention find a place to store it and implement a method for tracking inventory. It's important that the PM be thorough in this aspect of the job, keeping costs within budget while also ensuring that no time will be lost waiting on additional equipment or repairs once construction begins [sources: Exforsys, Hendrickson, Shaker].