10 Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager


Dispute Management

The PM role often also requires a project manager to don an imaginary referee shirt and whistle, resolving a variety of disputes. Whether it's between fellow construction workers or with subcontractors or the client, an unresolved dispute can throw a rod in the smooth running engine that is the PM's construction project.

When handling disputes among employees, the key to successful resolution is to nip a disagreement in the bud. This requires clear preventive measures and effective mechanisms for resolving conflicts that inevitably arise [source: Exforsys].

Disputes with clients, which can spring up over schedule targets, performance guarantees or deviations from the original contract terms, must be handled carefully to ensure a smooth working relationship throughout the life of the project. An unresolved dispute can result in significant legal costs and slow down a project by taking employees away from the task at hand to focus on resolving the dispute. In addressing these conflicts, a PM should seek to resolve them quickly and informally - getting the proper technical input if necessary - and keep the job moving [source: Federal Facilities Council].