How Garage Door Installation Works

Automatic Garage Door Installation

Whether you want to install an automatic garage door for convenience or­ necessity (heavier doors require an automatic opener), be sure you have some do-it-yourself experience and at least one partner to help you.

To install an automatic garage door, follow these basic steps:


  1. Attach the track to the drive unit. The drive unit contains the motor that does all the hard work of opening a garage door for you.
  2. Connect the rest of the sections of the track together.
  3. Attach a mounting bracket to the track's end, and then attach that to the beam above the garage door opening.
  4. Attach the motor according to the manufacturer's instructions. This must be attached to a beam in the ceiling because of its weight.
  5. Feed the wires from the ceiling motor to the wall switch.
  6. Install the infrared sensors that detect if something is in the way of a closing garage door.
  7. Connect the garage door to the door opener [source: Hazelton].

Though these basic instructions seem pretty simple, there are lots of little mountings required. In addition, you will be dealing with electricity, which can be very dangerous.

If you are comfortable with the above steps, head on out to your garage. If not, don't be afraid to call a professional for help.

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