How Off-peak Cooling Systems Work

The Future of Off-peak Cooling

As long as power companies are offering incentives for using power during off-peak hours, the future of off-peak cooling looks bright. Not only that, there also are disincentives for businesses that use power during peak times in the form of time-of-use tariffs and demand charges imposed by the power companies in places like Southern California and other energy strapped locations. On the flip side, some of these same utilities are offering very attractive incentives to convert equipment that uses off-peak energy, including footing the bill for the cost of the equipment and offering energy discounts [source: Du Bois].

On the residential front, a number of power companies already provide time-of-use pricing for residential customers, and this trend is likely to continue as power demands grow. Effective Jan. 1, 2010, the R22 coolant you probably use in your current air-conditioning system will be phased out in favor of R410A, a more eco-friendly alternative. If your air conditioner's evaporator or condenser needs service, you'll have to make a possibly costly conversion, which might be a good time to start considering some off-peak alternatives to your air-conditioning needs [source: ACU Air].

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