Ultimate Guide to Hardwood Flooring

Did You Say Do-It-Myself?

Hardwood flooring supplies
Photo courtesy Select Forest Products, Inc.

As you may know, there almost always are pros and cons to taking on a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. The positive side of a DIY effort is usually the cost. For home improvement projects, labor is often the single largest expense. Installing a hardwood floor yourself would eliminate this cost. Besides cost, there are other factors to consider:

  • Can you get a professional look on your own?
  • How much time will it take to install hardwood floors?
  • How much money will you save if you do it yourself?

There have been huge advancements in the construction of hardwood floors. These technological advances have made many types of hardwood floors easier to install. In fact, most hardwood floor suppliers can work with customers to find out just how much work they really want to do on their own. For instance, you can order wood floors that are pre-finished -- so there is no need to finish or seal the floor before or after installation. In fact, factory-finished floors can be installed straight out of the box. Because of these types of advancements, it is easier than ever to install a hardwood floor yourself.


Obviously, hiring a professional to install your floors will take a lot less time than doing it on your own. And, you're pretty much guaranteed excellent results. The professionals do it every day, after all. Remember, the real benefit will not be in regard to time saved or execution, but the money you could save.

If you consider that hiring a professional to install your floors could cost upward of several thousand dollars, doing it yourself may be worth the extra time. When installing your own floors, you only have to pay the cost of materials and tools or tool rental. Because you're not paying for the quality and craftsmanship of specialized labor, these costs are considerably less than what you would pay for professional installation. All in all, if you think you're up to the task, handy, and fancy yourself a wannabe Bob Vila or Vern Yip, this project is for you.