Top 10 Mistakes in Kitchen Design


Light It Up

Rooms generally need three types of lighting: general lighting for overall illumination, task lighting, and accent lighting. As you evaluate the work areas in your kitchen, start to focus on how you'll provide each spot with the light it needs. Most kitchens have general lighting that's provided by an overhead fixture together with natural light from a window or ambient light contributed by a fixture in an adjoining room. Where many kitchen design strategies fail is in not providing enough task lighting. Prep areas, the sink and the stove should all have dedicated task lighting. The locations for these fixtures should be identified before you begin work because they'll require electrical service.

Good lighting can be accomplished with any combination of fluorescent ceiling or strip lighting, hanging lights, under the counter fixtures or track lighting. The goal is to put enough light in play so that all the activities that regularly take place in your kitchen will have adequate illumination on demand. After all, the more light you have in the room, the better you can show off all of those amazing design elements you've added to the space.