5 Cheap Ways to Brighten up a Room

Include Some Sparkle
It's fairly easy: The more light you bring in, the brighter your room will be.

Adding a few reflective surfaces will make a plain room look brighter and larger. In case your Baccarat crystal pieces are in storage, a cut glass candy dish or mirrored tray will perk up that tired table arrangement or add interest to your mantle. Other good options are crystal photo frames, mirrored coasters and glass collectibles (in groups of three or five). You can use glass, mirrors and crystal in wall art and lighting fixtures, too. If you have the budget for it, glass-topped tables with beveled glass inserts or edges make your other furnishings look lighter, brighter, cleaner and richer. That little extra dazzle will have you smiling every time you open the curtains or turn on the lights, and you can probably find two or three good pieces for less than $30.

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