5 Tips for Dealing with Neighbor Noise

Make a Little Noise of Your Own

Alright, so you've tried dampening the sound coming through the walls, you've tossed extra carpets on the floor and you've sealed off any areas where sound can come through doors, but your neighbor's incessant noise can still be heard. It's time to fight fire with fire...well, sort of.

Even loud sounds can easily be drowned out with a little background noise. Turning on a bathroom fan or a box fan can be surprisingly effective in cancelling out conversations from the apartment next door. Or, take your noise-cancelling technique into the 21st Century and use a white noise app to drown out your neighbor.

During the day, a little music playing in the background may give you the peace and quiet you need. If those don't do the trick, you can pull out and the big guns and buy a white noise machine and put in the room where you need it the most.

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