5 Tips for Cleaning Antique Glass

Antique glass needs a gentle touch.
Antique glass needs a gentle touch.

An antique glass piece can create a unique and attractive focal point on a shelf or table, and collecting several of these gems is a fun and interesting lesson in the history of our changing cultural tastes. The ins and outs of rehabilitating antique glass can be frustrating sometimes, though. These treasures can be high end auction pieces in pristine condition, but often, they're curio shop or flea market finds that need some major cleaning inside and out.

Eventually, and probably sooner rather than later, you'll find an antique glass piece with huge potential -- if you can just separate it from the accumulated grime of a few decades. Actually, just handling one of these treasures can be risky all by itself. If you have an antique glass collection, you've probably heard the tinkle of breaking glass as a piece you're cleaning shoots out of your soapy hands into the sink. Accidents happen, but there are some tricks to cleaning antique glass that will make your unique specimen sparkle while keeping it in one lovely piece.

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