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Lock It Up

Locks are not the place to skimp on home security.
Locks are not the place to skimp on home security.
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If a thief makes it past your lighting without being deterred, you pretty much have one last shot to stop the break-in -- at the point of entry.

That's typically a door or window. For windows, locks are crucial, and burglar-proof glass is a possible upgrade.

Doors and door locks can get a little more complex. A burglar can gain entry either by kicking in the door or disabling the lock, so you want to address both of those possibilities with the equipment you choose [source: McGoey]:

  • The door should be either solid wood or metal, so it holds.
  • The strike plate should be the heavy-duty kind, secured with four, long (3-inch) screws.
  • The lock should be a deadbolt or a knob-in-lock set with a dead latch.

Doors and locks aren't a place to go cheap. Even if the thief learns on Facebook that you're in Italy, ignores the alarm sign in your yard and makes it to your door without being seen, a sturdy lock and a burly door can still keep him or her on the outside.

If he finds the key in your moat, it's all over. So make sure that lily pad looks like the real thing.

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