Perennials for Part Shade

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If you're like many gardeners, you have a yard filled with partial shade -- a perfect spot for planting showy perennials. Part shade can be found under trees that allow sunlight to penetrate through the canopy and dapple the ground throughout the day.

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For example, if you have a honey locust tree in your yard, you could grow a nice assortment of perennials for part shade. If you're gardening in a city with mid-size buildings, you may also want to try perennials for part shade.

If your garden doesn't meet the minimum amount of light, consider planting full shade perennials. A few perennials, such as amsonia, also known as bluestar, survive in partial shade and full shade. Select these plants if you are unsure about the type of shade you receive.

On this page, we've included a list of perennials for part shade, grouped according to color and light condition. Before planting, make sure to check with your garden center to make sure that the perennial flowers you've selected will flourish in your locale.


Blue to Purple Perennials for Part Shade

Multicolor Perennials for Part Shade

Pink to Fuchsia Perennials for Part Shade

Yellow to Orange Perennials for Part Shade


Partial Shade and Full Shade Perennials

Full Sun and Partial Shade Perennials

Full Sun, Partial Shade, and Full Shade Perennials

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