Perennials Under 12 Inches

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When gardening, another important criteria to remember is the height your perennial flowers will grow. For example, if you have space in the front of your garden, plant perennials that will stand under 12 inches. That way, you'll be able to see the rest of the flowers you plant.

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On this page, we've included a list of perennials that stand under 12 inches, grouped by color. Be sure to check with your local garden center to ensure these perennials can grow well in your area. We have also included perennials that grow larger than 12 inches, based on the variety.

Multicolor Perennials Under 12 Inches:

Yellow to Orange Perennials Under 12 Inches:

  • Basket-of-Gold, Goldentuft


Perennials Under 12 Inches to 12-24 Inches:

Perennials Under 12 Inches, 12-24 Inches, and Over 24 Inches:

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