Annuals Under 12 Inches

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When you are laying out the design of your garden, remember that plants grow to different heights. Many annuals are fairly short plants, less than 12 inches high. These plants work well near the fronts or borders of gardens so that the flowers behind them are visible.

This page includes links to annuals under 12 inches high, grouped by color. We've also included links to flowers that can grow from under 12 inches to over 24 inches so you can explore the huge variety of annual flowers available to you.Blue to Purple Annuals Under 12 Inches:


Multicolor Annuals Under 12 Inches:

Pink to Fuchsia Annuals Under 12 Inches:

Red Annuals Under 12 Inches:


White to Green Annuals Under 12 Inches:

Yellow to Orange Annuals Under 12 Inches:

Annuals Under 12 Inches to 12-24 Inches:

Annuals Under 12 Inches, 12-24 Inches, and Over 24 Inches:

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