Apartment Inspections: 10 Things to Check


Now let's get to the gross part of apartment inspections -- it's time to check around for insect and rodent droppings. It may be a bit unsettling, but it's necessary. Don't you want to know about any pest problems before you move in?

First of all, search around the apartment in areas where pests are known to enter or gather. You will probably want to get a flashlight for this. Look at gaps or cracks in walls and ceilings, near the tub and plumbing, around utility wires, behind the stove and in the cabinets. Do you see anything that looks like small brown pellets or insect eggs? Have you found any roaches or mice running around?

If you've found any of these things, it's time for some pest control. You should ask your apartment manager to remedy the problem, but you may end up having to do it yourself. Be sure to identify just what kind of pest issues your new apartment faces -- treatment for rats or mice is wildly different from treatment for roaches, ants and other insects.

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