10 Things to Look For in a Garden-level Property

Real Estate Image Gallery Garden-level apartments tend to put you right in the midst of city life. See more real estate pictures.

When we think of garden-level apartments these days, it's rarely with that sense of classic Hollywood glamour that the old New York brownstone basements used to evoke. (Think of Kim Novak's apartment in "Bell, Book and Candle," or even the classic urban sets and settings of "Sesame Street.")

In an age of commuter trains and flight to the suburbs, the aspirational emphasis is on space -- privacy, fences and lawns -- over the diversity and vibrancy of urban living. But to those who enjoy the life of the city, a garden-level home is not just a dark basement dungeon: It's a whole new view of the world.

Creating your life inside this urban space is an adventure: a constant, fascinating flow of lives and stories just past your window. Getting out of the dark basement and making a garden-level space work for you is just a matter of thinking outside the box.

Let's check out some of the things you should look for in a garden-level property.

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