Rose Campion

By: the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.

Rose campion growstall stalks that bearbeautiful magenta flowers.See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Rose campion is a simple yet eye-catching plant that likes the sun. Tall, colorful, and full of charm, it is the perfect addition to a nostalgic cottage garden.

Bright magenta flowers on 2-foot stalks make a lively combination with the plant's grayish, woolly foliage.

Popular in English gardens as long ago as 1597, this classic garden plant makes a good cut flower.


Rose Campion Quick Facts:

Scientific Name:Lychnis coronaria

Common Name: Rose campion

Type of Plant: Perennial

Growing Zones for Rose Campion: Hardy to zone 4

Growing Conditions for Rose Campion: Full sun, tolerates drought


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