Tomato Types

You have many tomato types to choose from when growing tomatoes. We've listed the different tomato varieties below.

Tomato types in a cage.
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Train tomatoes with a cage
before harvesting.

Indeterminate tomato types are also known as vining tomatoes. These tomatoes will continue to grow in size throughout the season, until killed by the first frost. Determinate tomato types grow to a fixed size. Cherry tomatoes are smaller than other tomato types, but most people consider them to taste sweeter as well.

Indeterminate Tomato Types:
  • Avalanch F, harvest at 77 days, produces medium-size red fruit.
  • Beefmaster VFN, is large and red and resists cracking.
  • Better Boy VFN, harvest at 72 days, has large, round, red fruit.
  • Better Girl VFN, harvest at 62 days, gives fruit that is early, round, red, and meaty.
  • Champion VFNT, harvest at 62 days, produces an early, large beefsteak-type fruit.
  • Early Girl V matures in 54 days.
  • Whopper VFNT, harvest at 70 days, provides very large, meaty, red fruit.
  • Pink Girl VFT, harvest at 76 days, gives a medium-size fruit with pink skin.
  • Golden Boy, harvest at 80 days, has medium-size, round fruit that is bright yellow.
  • Brandywine, harvest at 80 days, is a popular heirloom with excellent flavor.
Determinate Tomato Types:
  • Celebrity VFNT, harvest at 70 days, produces medium-size, red, round fruit.
  • Floramerica VF, harvest at 70 days, is an All America Selection that provides meaty, red, all-purpose fruit.
  • The Juice VF, harvest at 65 days, has red, juicy fruit and is good for juice making.
Cherry Tomato Types:
  • Golden Gem, harvest at 65 days, is yellow and flavorful.
  • Supersweet 100 VF, harvest at 65 days, is sweet and disease resistant.

Types of Tomatoes
Early: Early Girl, Early Pick, First Lady, Glacier, Oregon Spring

Midseason: Better Boy, Big Beef, Big Boy, Big Girl, Celebrity, Delicious, Floramerica, Heatwave

Late: Homestead, Oxheart, Wonderboy, Supersteak, Beefmaster, Brandywine

In the next section, we'll teach you how to select and serve great-tasting tomatoes.

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