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How Tree Houses Work

Tree Houses: Cheat Sheet

Stuff You Need to Know:

  • The first step to your very own tree house: Choosing a tree. Consider its height and the thickness and angle of its branches as well as its age and health. The perfect tree for a tree house is not too young, not too old and it must be healthy. Apple, oak, ash, fir and beech are good choices.
  • The components of a tree house include the platform, windows, doors, decks, railings and access. The platform is built first, then the floor, then the walls and roof. Tree houses should be constructed no higher than 10 feet from the ground. No part of the tree house should touch the tree, rather it should all be constructed on a support system (the platform).
  • Contemporary tree houses may also have modern living options, including amenities such as plumbing, electricity, cable, heating and air conditioning.
  • Tree houses can last, on average, 10 to 15 years or longer, depending on the type of tree and how well you maintain the tree and the structure.

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