Bathroom Design Ideas

The ornately embellished tub gleams in this otherwise low-key bathroom.

Bathroom Design Idea: Low-Key Luxury

From Canton to Copenhagen, white cut with blue (especially intense, mid-tone cobalt or royal blue) has won hearts through the ages. This bathroom design takes the perennially popular pairing to regal new heights with the addition of gold accents.

Golden embellishments make the royal blue tub into an eye-catching, formal focal point. Gilt touches in the mirror and fittings carry the confident theme.

The room is swathed in a rich blue background that makes neutrals -- from the plain wood floors to the metallic accents -- really shine. Cut with lots of sparkling white, the look is cheerful and romantic.

If blue's not for you, try this treatment with another color. This concept would have an entirely different look -- and feeling -- with walls of, for example, raspberry, lime, or evergreen, but the result would be the same: sophisticated, confident, and luscious!

And if you're not sure that a colorful bath would suit you at all, take a look at the next page to find ideas for a white-on-white bathroom design.