Annuals for Average Soil

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Most plants do well with an average amount of water -- not too dry, not too moist. You can control the dryness of the soil to some extent with regular watering. You may also want to evaluate the composition of your soil. Soil with equal percentages of sand, silt, and clay provide the best level of moisture for plants.

In extremely dry climates or areas that drain very quickly, you might want to try a plant such as the California poppy, that does well in dry soil. In tropical climates or in lower locations that stay wet longer after a rain, you may want to try a plant like a zonal geranium, that does better in moist conditions.This page includes links to annuals that flourish with an average amount of water in the soil. It also provides additional links to annuals that do well in drier or moister locations.Blue to Purple Annuals for Average Soil:


Edible Annuals for Average Soil:

Annual Grasses and Foliage for Average Soil:

Multicolor Annuals for Average Soil:

Pink to Fuchsia Annuals for Average Soil:

Red Annuals for Average Soil:

White to Green Annuals for Average Soil:

  • Ageratum, Floss Flower
  • Browallia, Sapphire Flower
  • Calendula, Pot Marigold
  • Salvia, Scarlet Sage

Yellow to Orange Annuals for Average Soil:

Dry and Average Soil Annuals:

Moist and Average Soil Annuals:

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