Agapanthus, Lily of the Nile

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Agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile, is a perennial flower that has gorgeous blue or white florets arranged in large globes that make this a wonderful addition to the garden. It is very popular California flower and in other places where it is fully hardy. Newer types have been bred for additional hardiness. The roots are large and fleshy, and the leaves are straplike, arising directly from the roots. Flower heads appear, one to a stalk, in clumps of two-foot stalks.

How to grow: Full sun and well-drained, rich soil are needed for agapanthus. It can be grown in large pots and planters. Make every effort not to disturb the roots. In northern gardens, bring in the pots at the end of summer, and grow the plants in a greenhouse or bright sunroom; or trim back any stalks and foliage, and keep them indoors in a dormant state until it is time for the pots to go back outdoors in spring, after the danger of frost ends.


Propagation: By division in spring or fall, also from seed.

Uses: Where it is hardy, agapanthus is used in borders and for ground cover. Elsewhere, it is an accent plant in containers.

Scientific name: Agapanthus africanus


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