How Garbage Disposals Work

Most people wouldn't be able to live without their garbage disposals. They help keep the kitchen smelling fresh, help reduce potentially harmful bacteria and make cleaning up after meals a breeze. With a little care and maintenance, a garbage disposal should last several years. However, like all other appliances, garbage disposals do occasionally malfunction or die. When this happens, you'll need a little information and a little know-how in order to repair or replace your disposal.

In the links, you'll find everything you need to know about buying, cleaning, repairing, wiring and replacing a garbage disposal.



How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

Keeping garbage disposals clean will help keep your kitchen smelling clean and your garbage disposal working properly. In this section, we describe a few easy to follow tips that will help you keep your garbage disposal in tip top shape.

How to Wire, Install or Replace a Garbage Disposal

Wiring, installing or replacing a garbage disposal is a simple process when you are properly prepared for the task. In this section, we provide you with step by step instructions for installing or replacing a garbage disposal

How to Repair a Garbage Disposal

Repairing a garbage disposal is a simple and rewarding task that homeowners and renters alike should be prepared for. Here are some basic instructions on how to remove objects stuck in the disposal, use a special turning tool or jam wrench, fix a clogged drain, reset an overloaded disposal, and how to maintain a garbage disposal to prevent further problems.

Popular Kitchen Garbage Disposals

There a few brands of garbage disposals that rise the top, like Waste King, Insinkerator and KitchenAid. Learn about the pros and cons of these models and more, as well as some general shopping tips for finding the garbage disposal that fits you best.