Habitat Garden Ideas

Woody Wildflower Garden Ideas

Native wildflowers work in harmony with woodland elements -- ferns, shade trees, meadows, ponds -- to create lovely woody wildflower gardens that make wonderful wildlife habitats. Because many varieties of native wildflowers also thrive in shaded yards, a woody wildflower garden is a great idea for those less-than-sunny spots in your garden. The photos below will give you woody wildflower garden ideas you can explore.

A woody wildlflower garden captures the spirit of the wilderness in your own backyard. Here, poppies and cornflower thrive in a wildflower field. This type of woody wildflower garden provides a wonderful resting spot for wildlife and humans alike. Cornflower is a full sun annual plant, and poppy is a full sun perennial plant.

Wildlife habitats include the woodland as well as meadows and ponds. Shaded yards, where grass and flowers are reluctant to grow, are often considered a gardening problem, but planting shade-loving wildflowers in such an area will create the appearance of a woodland glade and turn a problem into an asset. The pink-and-white combination of Dicentra eximia fringed bleeding heart and Tiarella cordifolia foamflower makes a lovely display above the rich green of their leaves.

A woody wildflower garden provides a great opportunity to balance the bright, lively colors of wildflower blossoms with the lush green of woodland foliage. In this woody wildflower garden, black-eyed Susans dazzle with their contrast of colors.

Cultivated varieties of wildflowers often combine well with each other. In this woody wildflower garden, forget-me-nots and polyanthus combine to cover the ground with color. In a woody wildflower garden, plants and wildlife have a reciprocal relationship. The plants are a source of nectar and seed, and in return, the plants' blossoms are pollinated by the creatures that use them for food.

A habitat garden is a truly special way to enjoy the beauty of nature, and to help the environment in turn. Butterfly gardens, wildlife gardens, and woody wildflower gardens are wonderful, unique ideas for your own backyard.

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