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Southern California Garden Ideas

There are only a few places left in Southern California where you're likely to see native plants left undisturbed. But just because they're not native to your backyard doesn't mean they won't be perfectly happy growing in your garden. Our Southern California garden ideas and garden photos show just how well native flowers and assorted succulents and cacti from the desert will flourish in this sunny climate.

Almost any garden plant will adapt well to a situation similar to that favored by its wild species ancestors. In this Southern California garden, cultivated varieties of native plants thrive in a setting similar to the rocky scrub occurring in their natural habitats. Succulents such as agave and yucca mix well with the silver, shrubby cushion bush, Nemesia capensis, and skyline penstemon.

Mike Spasoff Mike Spasoff
Mike Spasoff

A perfect reminder of the nearby beach atmosphere, this gorgeous coral bush also adds elegant color to your Southern California garden.

Simon Crockett Simon Crockett
Simon Crockett

If you're drawn to the desert, that landscape is also not difficult to recreate in a Southern California garden. Here pipe cactus joins palm trees and cow's horn euphorbia in a garden that makes the most of shape, texture, and vertical space -- and will require limited watering.

We've also got goodies for all you gardeners in the Midwestern states. There's more than prairie grass that's native to your area. Continue to the next page and see!

Thinking you'd like to take nature to the next level in your garden? These photos and ideas will help plant the seeds of creativity: