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Midwest Garden Ideas

Ron Sellers
Ron Sellers

Not just a dusty prairie, the Midwest offers an assortment of climate conditions and makes a happy home for a variety of hardy plants. Sometimes they require just a little shade to truly flourish, but it's likely you require a little shade from time to time as well. Use these garden photos to gather Midwest garden ideas, and then head for the outdoors!

Plants rich in greenery like hostas and lilies -- which also feature beautiful blooms -- are happy to make their home in Midwest gardens, provided there's some shade from time to time. This garden pairs them with assorted perennials planted in beds for invitingly lush results.

Summer-blooming prairie perennials are adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions; here (right) they are protected from extreme heat by being grown in partial shade. Pearl Achillea ptarmica is a white-flowered cousin of the more frequently grown yellow yarrow, and the red-and-yellow columbine seen here, Aquilegia canadensis, is a wild relative of the large, long-spurred garden hybrid columbines.

With all of these plant options native to different parts of the country and adaptable to different climates, there's no need to shop the import aisle when it comes to gardening. Choose a natural garden instead and save yourself a lot of extra effort.

Thinking you'd like to take nature to the next level in your garden? These photos and ideas will help plant the seeds of creativity: