Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Idea: Minimalist Strategies

A few well-chosen accents warm up the minimalist look of this bathroom.
A few well-chosen accents warm up the minimalist look of this bathroom.

In a bathroom design with neutral colors and a minimalist decorating scheme, the accent colors you choose can make a big difference in how the room feels.

The owners of a modern, minimalist-style home wanted the same decorating style for their bath but without the chill this look can sometimes impart. Choosing a sophisticated palette of taupe, plum, and silver was an excellent start: The color scheme, largely neutral, is warmer and more interesting thanks to the selection of plum as an accent color.

Crystal vases and large pieces of silver-painted pottery add a few dramatic light-reflective elements to this minimalist space, creating interest without too much softness. Pale floor tiles; a textured glass-block window; and frameless, hardware-free cabinetry create a repeated geometric theme.

To add more warmth and depth without busyness, the walls were ragged and glazed in layers of taupes and ivories to create an aged, faux-stone impression. The result was an added dimension much more appealing than the previously sterile, white walls.

Against the expanse of ivory-white surfaces everywhere, the bright accents of silver and the warm accents of plum and taupe stand out even more dramatically.

If you love a spare aesthetic but want more warmth than a minimalist design can offer, think about the horizontal lines and sculptural fixtures that a modern art design can offer. See the next page for some good examples of a modern-art bathrooms.