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Bathroom Design Idea: Modern Art
The unique toilet, bidet, and sink give this modern bath an artistic flair.
The unique toilet, bidet, and sink give this modern bath an artistic flair.

In a small bath, beautiful contemporary fixtures and fittings may be the main way to express your modern point of view. But even if your bath is as spacious as these, great modern fixtures can create a pleasing sculptural effect in your bathroom design.

Modern takes a new turn in a lime-green bath where the toilet and bidet are mounted right on the face of the cabinets for the smoothest scheme possible. The wall-hung sink cabinet is coordinated in style but offers a lighter look.

In the second bath, horizontal lines, a basic element of modern design, make a strong but soothing statement in this bath. The azure blue of the wall behind the tub also contributes to the tranquility of this space. Sculptural modern fixtures with smooth, flowing lines fit in beautifully; umber-colored mirror frames tie in the modern art on the wall.

The flowing lines of the bathroom fixtures work nicely against the horizontal lines of the walls.

The fresh tones of lime green and aqua on the walls add to the lively ambiance of these baths; for a crowning touch, the owners carefully selected pieces of fine contemporary art.

To any room, fine art adds a sense of luxury and presence in a way few other elements can. Of course, you wouldn't want to hang a piece of art near the shower, but if your bath has a good exhaust fan and the art is placed well away from water sources, there's no reason why you can't enjoy art in the bath.

If you don't have a current collection to choose from, start with an inexpensive print or a local art fair original.

In these bathrooms, the art is functional, at least in terms of the fixtures. Utilizing only useful items is a hallmark of minimalist philosophy as well. To see some good examples of sleek, modern, minimalist bathrooms, continue to the next page.