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Bathroom Design Idea: Pan-Asian
This stylish bathroom mixes styles, colors, and textures to great effect.
This stylish bathroom mixes styles, colors, and textures to great effect.

If you love the pale pink of English cabbage roses, the allure of Asian porcelain, or a color drawn from a signature piece of some other culture, why not use it to develop your new bath's color scheme?

An inlaid Japanese jewelry box was the inspiration for this room, filled with a wealth of style and amenities. Who'd guess this lavish family-size master bath was once a small bath and studio?

The Japanese jewelry box that inspired this hand- some bath looks right at home on the counter-top.

In addition to making a distinctive personal statement, this bath is a clever example of the power of color. Warm, earth-tone marble makes the space as visually cozy as a wood-paneled library, without sacrificing the cool gleam the luxurious stone provides.

The lighting in this bath is just as inventive and clever as the rest of the design. A row of brass-and-glass mirror sconces illuminates the scene with-out disturbing the masterfully simple look of the space. And tiny "running lights" in tubes surround the tub's marble base, creating a fun, romantic ambiance at night.

Marble in rich, earthy tones creates a visually warm scene. Even the magazine rack maintains the mood.

Drawing once again on inspiration from the East, the color palette includes ebony, ivory, and cinnabar -- the dark red-orange color of an ancient Asian lacquer. (A fine example of the painstaking craft is visible on the vase tucked into one of the storage shelves.)

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