Cabin Decor Ideas

Today's Log Looks

©Cloudbird From its flirty curlicued base to its leafy finial, this highland ­candlestick lamp mixes style with flair and tops it off with a slim rawhide shade.

In the 1930s, plywood, a product manufactured of wood veneer, was first put to use to build a home's structure. Midcentury modernists eagerly incorporated plywood's fresh face into home and cabin decor. And while these forward-thinkers probably considered log homes hopelessly old-fashioned, their style does fit with logs.

The key is to keep things light. Whitewashed wood walls, large windows, and pale floors set the scene for contemporary design. The rounded rhythm of log walls makes an intriguing foil for the pared-down geometric shapes of contemporary furniture and accessories.

One place where modern looks especially at home is the kitchen. With today's stainless-steel appliances and variety of stone and cement countertops, the contemporary kitchen is winning fans with all kinds of tastes. In the kitchen and throughout the contemporary home, logs can add a hint of warmth to what can seem austere.

Metals, particularly those with matte finishes, also go well with logs. In stair railings, faucets, and light fixtures, metal cools the logs' warmth and adds contemporary flair. The wide-open spaces of today's log homes, especially their vaulted ceilings, create expanses for hanging modern artwork or installing banks of windows.

Next, read about a log cabin that balances awesome high ceilings with comfort and livability. The next section has the decor details.

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