Cabin Decor Ideas

New-Age Rustic

©Daniel Mack Rustic Furnishings A single forked branch is the only ornament on this pared-down shelf unit.

Careful consideration, a bit of inspiration, and perhaps some luck will help you find wonderful elements for your contemporary log cabin. When the cabin decor is eclectic, many avenues are open to you when choosing furniture, light fixtures, and other accessories.

For example, the talented artisans that are following in the footsteps of yesterday's rustic furniture makers often build pieces with sleek, simple lines. While Victorian-style rustic furniture of the Adirondack Great Camps was layered with bric-a-brac, these pieces are stripped down, putting the beauty of the wood on display.

©Daniel Mack Rustic Furnishings Driftwood, with its silky texture and soft colors, is used to create a free-form table. The lines of the wood recall gentle waves on a lake.

Iron forged into traditional shapes or coaxed into fluid lines can create beautiful lamps, and wood, pottery, and other metals can be found in a wide variety of accessories.

©Cloudbird Leafy vines twine around the iron base of this unique desk lamp. Leather lacing and a Native American motif provide graphic impact.

If you're overwhelmed by the choices available to you, lean toward elements with an organic feel -- those that remind you of nature. Or choose pieces that echo one of the classic cabin styles: Early American, lodge, Western, or Southwestern.

©Daniel Mack Rustic Furnishings Made from peeled maple branches, this Gothic Revival chair is filled with character and life.

Whether your cabin is your full-time home or just a summertime retreat, use the decorating ideas presented in this article to inspire your cabin's decor.

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