Cabin Decor Ideas

The Best of Yesterday

The Arts & Crafts movement was influenced by the style and crafting of the Middle Ages. This library table with a leather top reveals that medieval influence.

With trees as far as the eye could see, it's no wonder that pioneers, trappers, loggers, and mountain men used logs to build shelter from the elements. The cabin decor of these rustic abodes was either made by hand or brought from home -- whether home was across the ocean in Europe or back East in the first colonies.

Log cabins embrace fond memories of days past. From the solid woodworking of Early American pieces to the ornate embellishments of the Victorian era to the quarter-sawn oak pieces of Gustav Stickley -- whatever your heart desires, that style will fit in a log cabin.

Although its roots are buried in other lands, we've adopted the log cabin as an American icon. To give your historic decor a ring of truth, be sure you include items that embody the spirit of Americans and the work of their hands.

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