Cabin Decor Ideas

Mod Lodge

Multipane windows and rough wood planking on the ceiling give this great room a feeling of age. Deep sofas and chairs welcome weary hunters back to a roaring fire after a day in the woods.

The legacy of the Adirondack Great Camps appears in today's cabin decor, where fussy Victorian furnishings give way to pieces with simpler lines and larger sizes. This home also resembles its Old World ancestors -- the baronial hunting lodges.

Heavy tables and iron-strapped doors feel ancient and masculine. The beauty of wildlife is celebrated in animal and bird mounts, oil paintings, and antler chandeliers. And although the hunting lodges were built in the wilderness, they were by no means rough.

Velvety fabrics, richly patterned tapestries, plush Oriental rugs, and warm lighting soften the lodge look. Bigger often means better when it comes to lodge style, so, here, the mass of the fireplace is accentuated by setting its stone chimney against a stacked stone wall. The home maintains a cozy feel, however, thanks in part to the lowered ceilings accented with hand-hewn beams in the kitchen and dining area.

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