Cabin Decor Ideas

Back to the Land
©Sandra Elizabeth Clinger A trunk is pulled up to the foot of one of the metal-framed beds, which are topped with snowy white coverlets to stay in line with the cabin's simple decor.

Although a pioneer's life was hard, it was played out against the beautiful and always changing landscape of the frontier itself. This homeowner set out to fill the cabin decor with pieces of the period to create a space free from modern distractions -- a place to dwell on the peacefulness of a life spent close to the land.

The cabin was built around 1915, and its furnishings are a reflection of that era. A cookstove provided both heat and meals, while an icebox helped preserve food.

©Sandra Elizabeth Clinger The wood cookstove remains at the center of the cabin to offer both heat and home cookin'. A hide rug helps take the chill off the floor.

The furnishings are straightforward and simple: a pair of straight chairs, a rocker, metal bedsteads, and a sofa for quiet times. When darkness falls, kerosene lanterns are lighted, and life continues inside the cabin much as it has for almost a century.

©Sandra Elizabeth Clinger A gate leg table opens to make room for two or more to eat, then folds down to make more space in the room.

Elements of Great Camp cabin decor include log furniture, animal trophies, and Adirondack chairs. Continue to the next section for more on this classic log cabin style.

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