Cabin Decor Ideas

The Great Camps

©Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Log Homes A historic ranch in Montana creates the perfect spot for a new log cabin that follows in the lodge tradition. Oversize furnishings make room for all to enjoy the large, open gathering room.

Great Camp cabin decor traces its roots to the late 1800s. What was a New York socialite of the era to do when summer in the city was so hot and stifling? Gamely, she packed her steamer trunks and spent July at an oceanfront mansion in Newport. Then in August, she boarded a train bound for the Adiron­dacks, where evergreens fringe the shores of shimmering lakes.

In the Adirondack forests, families like the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers entertained at the "Great Camps," sprawling com­pounds of log buildings with rustic exteriors and modern conve­niences.

Most Great Camps were built of unpeeled logs and trimmed with split branches and bark. Inside, guests made themselves comfortable in log beds built by local craftspeople and around dining tables set with meals prepared by servants. The great outdoors was the main attraction, and the decor reminded guests of their surroundings.

©Whispering Pines This clock showcases a timeless admiration for the beauty of nature. Pinecones, twigs, and bark set in a simple form create a memorable piece.

Great Camp style, with its twig furnishings, mounted animal tro­phies, and Adirondack chairs, is now a log cabin classic. The lodge look owes its start to both the Great Camps and the baronial hunting lodges of the Old World. Heavy European furnishings and dark colors surrounded by massive log walls complete the lodge-style look.

Incorporate rustic furnishings into your cabin's decor for a beautiful, back-to-nature look. We'll tell you more in the next section of this article.

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