Cabin Decor Ideas

North Woods Getaway

©Alpine Log Homes Photos Touches of red make this intimate living room even more cozy. The window trim is painted evergreen, a classic north woods cottage color.

For quaint cabin decor, try a North Woods cottage theme. Time moves in slow motion at a summer cottage. Many a long afternoon is spent just walking a dirt road and picking wildflowers for a simple bouquet.

The evening twilight stretches out with enough space for rowdy games of dominoes or quiet time reading a favorite novel. Dinners become drawn-out feasts of fresh vegetables and cookouts flavored with fresh air. In the morning, you wake to the sunshine -- not an alarm clock.

©Alpine Log Homes Photos The log walls are on display in the kitchen, instead of being covered up by cabinets hung on the walls. Open shelves are supported by curved branches.

In this log cabin home, quaint divided-pane windows open wide to breezes off the lake. Cheery red cabinets in the kitchen make putting together picnics even more fun. And French doors in the bedroom open to bring the sounds of the forest and the lake's gentle lapping inside.

©Alpine Log Homes Photos A white cotton bedspread lends a crisp touch to the bedroom's mix of floral patterns. Just outside the French doors, a private balcony looks out over the lake.

Next, learn how to recreate a memorable summer camp experience with the right cabin furniture and accessories.

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