Cabin Decor Ideas

Sweet Dreams, Campers

©Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Log Homes After a long day on the slopes, this pair of unique bunk beds offers comfort. A whole slumber party can curl up in this bunk room, tucked beneath a log home's rafters.

It just wouldn't be summer camp without a bunk room full of kids whispering knock-knock jokes and playing flashlight tag. Recreating summer camp cabin decor is relatively easy. The treelike bunk beds pictured here are fashioned from branches to give lucky campers the sense of sleeping out in the woods -- without the fear of wayward bears.

Each set of beds offers a simple ladder to reach the much-coveted top bunk and is topped off with warm and colorful camp blankets or denim duvets to add style and warmth.

The decor of a bunk room should be simple. All that's needed is a place to bed down and lots of storage space for gear. Wood paneling or logs make the rooms' walls indestructible -- perfect for enduring pillow fights and bouts of wrestling.

As an added touch, a few Western accessories and an assortment of Navajo rugs are scattered throughout to spark a child's fantasy of the cowboy life.

Created a "cherished memories" theme in your cabin by displaying memorable items, favorite souvenirs, and even outdoor gear. Discover this cabin decor in the next section.

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