Country Decorating Ideas

All in the Details

©New West High, horizontal windows above built-in bookcases flanking a fireplace are typical of bungalow style, a rather citified version of cabin style.

If your dream is fresh country style but your reality is a conventional house or apartment in the city or suburbs, you can still bring home rustic style. These rooms show how a few key touches can be used to suggest the mood. These touches constitute an easy shopping list for creating a rustic ambiance without going overboard.

For starters, checks and plaids say "rustic country" better than any other patterns. In the cozy bungalow, a sun-bleached animal's skull, hand-painted pottery, and a few other choice accessories create a country cabin mood.

In the small powder room, Native American motifs on the vintage light and medicine cabinet are all it takes to communicate the owners' interests.

©New West Above the sink, a nostalgic light fixture features silhouettes of a Native American buffalo hunt and recalls 19th-century "magic lantern" lights.

In the next section, learn how to use Mission-style furnishings and leather accents to bring fresh country style to any room.

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