Home Made Simple Decorating Ideas

Whether you're refurnishing or making small improvements, these Home Made Simple ideas will give you great tips for decorating your home and adding a personal touch.


Easy Do-it-yourself Upgrades

4 Simple Step-by-Step Upholstery Tips

5 Quick and Easy Decor Projects


10 Methods to Quickly Refresh Your Home Decor

4 Ways to Rediscover Your Home's Luster

7 Steps for Rejuvenating Wood

3 Steps for Revamping Lackluster Furniture

5 Steps to Create a Unique Branch Decor

4 Ways to Decorate with Grass


Tips for Finding Your Inner Designer

4 Simple Answers for Your Decor Questions

6 Essential Elements of Interior Design


4 Ways to Illuminate Your Decor at Home

4 Furniture Fundamentals for the Home

6 Helpful Ways to Add Focus to Your Decor

9 Cheerful Decor Ideas

2 Ideas for Creating Distinct Design at Home

2 Creative Ways to Design Your Decorating Dreams

Illuminate Your Taste in 3 Easy Steps

5 Techniques to Collect Your Designs

Perfecting Your Decor Plans in 4 Steps

5 Ways to Personalize Your Decor

5 Steps to Furnish with Family in Mind


Maximizing Space & Comfort

Maximizing Space & Comfort

3 Living Room Organization Tips


Refresh Your Space in 4 Easy Steps

Transform Hallways and Staircases in 3 Easy Steps

3 Tips for Creating a Home Sanctuary

8 Maximize Your Room's Space

Cozy Up Your Home in 10 Steps


Seasonal Design Ideas

5 Autumn Accessories to Spice up Your Home

6 Festive Ideas for Autumn Adornments


Festive Fall Flourishes

3 Easy Ways to Set Your Holiday Table with Style

4 Wonderful Winter Decor Ideas

4 Exciting Ways to Furnish with Fall Flair


Lighting & Color Scheme Tips

Lighting & Color Scheme Tips

9 Innovative Painting Ideas for the Home


6 Essential Painting Tips

4 Creative Painting Ideas for the Home

9 Methods to Illuminate the Color in Your Home

6 Tips to Energize the Light in Your Home

4 Ways to Let the Sunshine In

5 Interesting Ways to Dress Up Your Windows


Quick Fixes Around the House

7 Solutions for Design Dilemmas

4 Fun Fixes for Everyday Problems


Wall Decor Projects

7 Inexpensive Artwork Projects

How to Hang Art in 7 Easy Steps


Design Outdoors

3 Ways to Perk Up Your Outdoor Areas

4 Fun Ways to Add Personal Flair to Your Lawn