3 Living Room Organization Tips

3. Arrange with an Eye for Detail

Once you like what you see on your layout, only then should you start to move the furniture around. Here are some things to keep in mind as you arrange furniture:

  • Don't be afraid to place chairs and sofas away from walls to create conversation areas and to free up space for how you use the room.
  • Use plants to fill in space that may seem bare, but don't let them get in the way of the activities in the room.
  • Allow more than 18 inches for traffic lanes.
  • Create attractive storage and make your television the focal point of your room with a decorative entertainment center. To create a new entertainment center, paint and repurpose two bookcases and a TV stand to create a new console. Add a track with wood trim and place a picture in the track that can easily slide back and forth to reveal and conceal your TV or media.

After you have everything where you want it, walk around your new living room, sit in the chairs and decide if you like the way it works. If so, bring the family in and let everyone enjoy it together.