10 Red Flags That Should Make You Fire Your Contractor Immediately

Has Poor Communication Skills

You're no building expert. But as the homeowner, you have a right to know what's going on. It's your contractor's job to effectively communicate this information to you. A missed call is one thing, but failure to return a call promptly is another. If communication is vague, difficult to understand or delivered with ill temper, your contractor isn't doing an important part of his job.

In addition to timely and good-natured communication, your contractor should be able to convey exactly what's going on. In the same way you should be wary of a hard-to-contact contractor, you should beware the vague contractor. A good contractor should know everything about a job's progress. And he should be willing to tell you about that progress. An evasive or vague contractor is either incompetent or has something to hide.

Remember, your contractor works for you, and regular reports to his boss (you) is part of the job description.