How Infrared Heaters Work

Are Infrared Heaters Green?

It's tough to heat your house and stay green by trying to cause minimal harm to your surroundings. There is not one method of keeping warm that doesn't affect the natural world around you. You could even claim that simply bundling up in layers and layers of clothes would still have an effect on the environment if those clothes were made in a factory. That being said, you can't claim that infrared heaters have no effect on the outside world.

It really depends on what kind of infrared heater you use. Remember how all the heaters use a different source of fuel? You can debate which is greener by asking: Is it better to use electricity or natural gas? When you're considering how green infrared heaters are, be sure to keep in mind the power source of any particular model.

There are other factors that determine the greenness of infrared heaters. For instance, electric infrared heaters don't release harmful fumes into the air or contribute any emissions into the atmosphere. Electric infrared heaters also don't rely on fuel or gas lines, which is another green point [sources: Alabama Power, Tools For Wellness].

Some brands of infrared heaters claim their heaters don't take out oxygen or humidity from the air. The companies attest that their heaters make for easy-breathing, oxygen-rich air while still creating heat [source: Alabama Power].

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