10 Tools You Need to Paint Your Home's Exterior

A Multipurpose Tool
The 5-in-1 tool can be used for everything from cleaning rollers to pulling nails. Hyde Tools

It's nice when you find a tool that can do the job of two. But what about five? A multipurpose painter's tool, sometimes known as a 5-in-1 tool, is essential for the rounds of prep work that must take place before painting a home's exterior. And it fits easily into a pocket. Among its many features [source: Hazelton]:

  • The hole in the center of the tool's blade is great for pulling nails.
  • The straight edge is sharp enough to scrape loose paint and can double as a putty knife when making repairs.
  • The pointed corner cleans out cracks before filling them.
  • One side of the tool can open a paint can.
  • The other (curved) side of the tool is designed to squeeze extra paint out of rollers.
  • The handle hammers the paint can lid shut.

Usually a 5-in-1 tool is enough for the job, but you can buy versions with more features, such as a 7-in-1 or even a 17-in-1 tool.