10 Quick Tips for Removing Stains from Clothing

Emergency Spot Remover

Red wine or tomato soup simply doesn't go with the outfit you so painstakingly put together for that special evening. If you spill something on your clothes while you're out and about, don't panic. Just follow a couple of simple steps to banish that troublesome stain! First, be sure never to scrub or rub a spilled substance. Instead, dab carefully with a white cloth. Don't have a white cloth handy? In a pinch, a piece of white bread will work, a hack that's extra helpful if you're in a restaurant!

An oil-based stain, like from a salad dressing, can also be handled with tableside ingredients. Simply sprinkle it with salt, allow it to sit for a bit and then brush the seasoning off the garment. Voila! The salt should have absorbed the oil.

Then, continue addressing the stain at hand by spot treating with whatever you have available. Obviously, a stain pen would be great, but club soda or plain water works well, too. Do not apply too heavily, instead use the corner of a napkin. Then continue blotting until the stain is completely gone [source: Leverette].

If you're near a laundry machine — say, a romantic dinner at home? — you can create a simple but powerful stain remover by combining lemon juice with cream of tartar. Wash it like normal, and those marks you thought would be there forever will be long gone.

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