10 Worst Food Stains and How to Remove Them



No worries if she sits in her gum later.
No worries if she sits in her gum later.

Gum stains may not be as difficult to remove as you think. Yes, they're gooey and can be kind of disgusting, especially if that wad of gum didn't originate with you. Ick factor aside, though, these tips will help get gum out of textiles:

  • Freeze the spot. If you're dealing with fabric, throw it in the freezer. If the gum spot is on your carpet, apply a few ice cubes to the spot, or use one of those cold pack products designed for portable coolers. The gum should harden in around 15 minutes using either method.
  • Scrape. After it hardens, scrape off as much gum as possible. You can use a butter knife or any dull implement with a decent scraping edge.
  • Soak. Once most of the gum is gone, rub the spot gently with white vinegar to liquefy the residue. Blot up the remainder.
  • Wash. After the gum is gone, clean the fabric or carpet as you would normally.