5 Ways to Get in a Cleaning Mood

It's time to clean! Get excited…
It's time to clean! Get excited…

Sometimes whistling a happy tune isn't nearly enough to get you in the mood to tackle those nasty household chores like cleaning the oven and pulling out the refrigerator to vacuum the evaporator coils. When the prospect of scrubbing the bathroom grout leaves you cold, there may be a few things you can do to get yourself ready for the coming battle. It's mind over matter that counts. And when the matter is dirt, grime and goo, it takes determination and inspiration to grab your rubber gloves instead of heading out to a movie (or shopping) instead.

If you're the designated housecleaner for your family, you spend an average of 10 hours every month taking one for the team. Let's dust off five effective ways you can stop dreading dust and embrace your inner merry maid.

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