10 Ways to Bug-proof Your Home


Don't Invite Bugs To Dinner

No matter how many ways you try to bug-proof your home, there's likely going to be some way for them to enter your house. To keep them from making themselves at home, get rid of their favorite amenities. This means eliminating clutter, as well as unprotected food and water sources. Without these resources, bugs will move on to the next house and leave you in peace.

A cluttered home is an easy breeding ground for bugs. Hidden by piles of newspaper or in a packed cupboard, insects can reproduce in huge numbers before they're even discovered. By that point, it's almost impossible to get rid of them. Keep clutter to a minimum, and end infestation before it begins.

Insects also need a source of food to survive. Keep them from dining in your home by storing all food in airtight containers and storing unsealed food products in the refrigerator whenever possible. Limit food consumption to a single area of the home, and wipe up crumbs or spills quickly [source: Heloise].Wash dishes immediately after use, or put them into the dishwasher.

Don't forget pet food, which can be a tempting treat for ants and cockroaches. Put pet food away after mealtimes, or invest in a bug-proof container, which gives your pet access to food while keeping insects out.