Plumbing Troubleshooting

Plumbing troubleshooting is an essential first step to making successful repairs. If you haven't identified the correct cause, you might spend time and money on efforts that will go nowhere.

In the previews at the bottom of this page, you'll be directed to charts that list some of the most common problems affecting your plumbing system. By locating the symptoms, you can diagnose the right cause, and get to work on a home plumbing repair that will have the problem fixed in no time.


Take a look at these plumbing troubleshooting charts:

Troubleshooting Sinks, Tubs, and Drains

From annoying drips to full-blown leaks, there are solutions available for most plumbing problems. Review the causes and suggested repairs here.

Troubleshooting Toilets

Toilet woes are not only annoying, but potentially costly in terms of water wasted. Follow these instructions to get your toilet back in tip-top shape.

Troubleshooting Pipes

You might be concerned when the problem with your plumbing seems to be somewhere in the pipes. Fear not, for sounds and outward signs could help you identify the true problem. Troubleshoot those bothersome pipes with these tips.


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