How to Hang a TV With No Wires Showing


You just got a brand new flat panel TV, so it's time to save space and make your room look classy by hanging it on the wall. Here's how you can do it with no dangling wires showing:

  1. Decide where you want to hang your TV, and where your cable box and the rest of your home-theater system will go. Remember, the middle of the screen should be at eye-level from your seated position where you'll be watching TV from [source: Pollard].
  2. Find the right wall mount for your TV. Most TVs have standard-spaced holes in the back for mounting to numerous brackets. You can use online shopping on sites like, or to search for a wall mount that will be compatible with your TV [source: Kindig].
  3. Cut a small hole in your wall where the center point of your TV will be. The hole should be just big enough for all the wires you will run through it.
  4. Cut a second, identical hole in the wall below the first hole. This is where you'll connect your cable box and home-theater equipment to the wires from your TV.
  5. Use fish tape or straightened wire hangers to pull your cables through the wall from one hole to the other [source: Lipinski]. Leave the ends of the wires hanging out of the hole so you can connect them to your home theater equipment.
  6. Attach the TV piece of your bracket to the back of your TV. Make sure the bracket is level and secure [source: Pollard].
  7. Determine where the wooden studs in your wall are located. Line up the wall bracket piece of your TV mount with the wall studs. Secure the bracket to the studs and make sure it's level [source: Pollard].
  8. Hang the TV piece of bracket onto the wall bracket. Most wall mounts come with screws or have some other way to secure the two pieces together. Remember, TVs are heavy, so you'll want to have someone on hand to help you with this [source: Pollard].
  9. Connect the TV cables to the cable-box cables and enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies.