How To Repair a Leaky Roof

By: Fix-It Club
A study in terracotta blue and white. Spanish roof tiles on a wood clad house
Do you know what to do to fix a leaky roof?

­Sometimes roofs develop leaks years before the entire roof needs replacing. Usually these leaks are caused by localized damage, such as cracked or missing shingles or shakes, or on a fla­t roof, a blistered or cracked area. The hardest part to repairing this kind of damage is locating it.

In this article, you'll learn helpful tips for finding and fixing leaks on all kinds of roofs, as well as some maintenance suggestions for gutters and vent pipes. Since working on a roof can be a dangerous proposition, be sure to take note of the precautionary tips -- they just might save you from a serious injury.


Let's get started by taking a look at how to repair leaks on shingle roofs.