How To Repair a Leaky Roof

By: Fix-It Club

How To Instiall Pop Rivets

­If a section of downspout or an elbow is loose, reattach it with pop rivets using an inexpensive pop rivet tool. Pop rivets can be installed from the outside, so it isn't necessary to take the sections of downspout apart.

To install pop rivets:


Step 1: Hold loose section up in proper position. Use electric drill and bit the size of the pop rivets to drill through overlapping sections. Make one hole on each exposed side of downspout.

Step 2: To set pop rivet through each drilled hole, place rivet in pop rivet tool, insert tip of tool into hole, and squeeze handles of tool until rivet pops off. Pop rivets will hold section of downspout in place permanently.


From blocked gutters and loose shingles to pooled water and gaping flashing, the types of problems that can cause leaks in your roof are numerous. Don't let a leaky roof cause water damage in your home. Use the tools in this article to help you quickly spot -- and fix -- the problem with relative ease.

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